Birthday parties

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a fun-filled cooking festivity

Party Packages

  • Our party packages are for up to 15 children.
  • 2 hours of action-packed fun including cooking activities, creating and consuming their food.
  • All our recipes are vegan and plant-based.
  •  Take-home recipes for each guest.
  • Included Cooking utensils,place setting and tableware, water or lemonade. 
  • Children will be making food but not a meal. If you would like to bring more food, your are welcome to bring any food items, we recommend healthy meals and plant-based if possible. 
  • Food platters for adults. 
  • Party Entertainer – 400 AED per hour
  •  Live Singing Character Princesses & Superhero Appearances – 900AED
    45 Minute Appearance (includes an assistant) 
  • Nutty Professor Science Entertainment – 1,500AED
    1 hour interactive science show – with hands on experiments and demonstrations for up to
    20 children (includes an assistant and all required items) 
  • Face Paint
  • Nail Art station for after baking
  • Slime Making. 
  • Piñata
  • Photographer, videographer
  • Adults baking activity.
  • Escape Room Parties  Up to 10 Guests – 1,500 AED
  • Cookies Party favors.
  • Birthday Cake. 
  • Send us a message or call us for availability
  • Choose a date/time we require full payment in advance to book the slot. 
  • Select a party package,recipes and theme. 
  • Give us a final headcount & allergy/ food intolerance info and sign the form. 
  • Show up, sit back & enjoy!
  • Kindly note that the space is limited in our studio, we require a final headcount of adults. 

Party Packages


Birthday Package 1
(1,100 AED)

This package includes:

-One recipe from the list

(Please note pizza, layered cake,pasta are not included in this package)

-Basic Happy Birthday Banner.

-This package includes 11 participants,(extra will be chargeable 95 AED per person).


Birthday Package 2
(1,900 AED )

This package includes:
-One recipe from our list.

-Choice of any of Apron stories party themes.

-Basic Happy birthday banner.

-Giveaways bags.(Baking Set)

-Tableware(based on theme chosen)

-This package includes 11 participants, ( extra will be charged 175 AED per child).

ApronsStories-118 (1)

Birthday Package 3
(2,200 AED)

This package includes:
-Two recipes from our list.

-Choice of any of Apron stories party themes.

-Personalized digital invitations.

-Giveaways bags.(Baking set).

-Tableware(based on theme chosen)

-Ice cream sundaes station.

-This package includes 10 participants, any extra will be charged 220 AED per child.

ApronsStories-161 (1)

Recipes list :

1- Cupcakes
(Choices available: chocolate, vanilla, double chocolate,caramel).
2- Pizza (Kids will make pizza dough sauce from scratch along with mini salad) Note:- This option is only available for Packages 2 and 3 only.
3- Cookies
(Choices available: Chocolate chips, sprinkles or fruity)
3- Pasta (kids will make pasta from scratch). Note:- This option is available for Packages 2 and 3 only
4-Donuts. ( with fun frosting colors.)
5-Vegan Layered Cake
Choices available: Vanilla, Chocolate or blackberry Note: This option is available for Packages 2 and 3 only
7-Soda Bread (Kids can have fun while making easy breads with freshly made chia jam).

8-Pretzels with fun dips.

9-Cinnamon or Chocolate sweet rolls.

Our Special Apron Stories Party Themes.


Apron Fairy Tales Tea Party

This Party theme enables kids to indulge in making high-end tea party recipes such as scones,cupcakes or mini sandwiches.
This theme comes with a magical tea party setup and herbal blue tea.
Let the Magic begin!!


Lost in Wood Land

A theme suitable for both boys and girls, with wooden colors decorations, kids will enjoy making forest cookies, magic potions, and brownies.
This theme will include a canopy tent setup for kids to gather and eat under.


Apron Baking Bonanza

This is a basic baking theme, where kids can choose from their favourite baking staples such as pizza, donuts, cookies or homemade bread.
The decorations for this theme is pastel colors with basic happy birthday banner.